F.A.Q’s or Frequently asked questions, are always handy to get the information you want fast. If there is something that is not covered here, then try using the Sitemap page which lists the pages on the website, you could also try using the search engine. If you are still having difficulty finding your answers then don’t hesitate to Contact Us, and we will try our best to help you.

Q1 - What do I need to do before I can start driving?

You must have a Provisional Licence.
You can apply for a provisional driving licence quickly and easily online or by completing the D1 application form available at most post offices.
The minimum age which you can legally drive a car on the public roads is 17.
If you are disabled and in receipt of mobility allowance, the minimum age is 16.
Until the day you pass the practical part of the Driving Test you are not allowed to drive on your own.
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Q2 - How much are lessons?

Special Offer For New Drivers

1st 5hrs just £15 each
Call today: 07802 663 115

Lessons are currently priced at £22 per hour, a discount is offered for block booking.
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Q3 - What is the cheapest way of booking my lessons?

You can cut the cost of learning to drive by taking advantage of block booking discounts.

This will make the hourly price you pay cheaper the more lessons you book.

Savings can be made on courses of 10 hours. If you book a 10 hour Block booking then you will receive a £20 discount on those lessons.
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Q4 - How often should I have my lessons?

How often you have your lessons is entirely up to you.
We recommend at least 1 hour per week.
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Q5 - How many lessons will I need?

Driving is a skill that some people learn quicker than others. Graham will monitor your progress at the end of each lesson and assess how near test standard you are.

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Q6 - Do I need to pass the Theory Test before I can start my driving lessons?

No. In fact it is a good idea to learn the theory whilst you are learning the practical as it can bring the subject alive making it easier to understand and remember.
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Q7 - Where do I take my Theory Test?

There are Theory Test centres located all over the UK. Graham can advise you which is your nearest one.
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Q8 - Now that there is a Theory Test, will I still be asked questions at the end of my Practical Test?

No. The Practical Test and Theoretical Test are now completely separate.
You will be asked ‘Show Me, Tell Me’ questions. For example how to Check your Oil, how to check your Tyre Pressure.
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Q9 - What happens on the day of my Practical test?

The Practical Driving Test lasts 35 – 45 minutes and is conducted by a Driving Standards Agency Examiner.

It is conducted from your local driving test centre. First of all you are given an eyesight test to make sure you reach the minimum eyesight requirement. The examiner then assesses your ability to drive competently and safely and tests you on some of the manoeuvres you have covered in your lessons. Once the test is complete, Graham will drive you back home.
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Q10 - When I pass my test, does Graham provide any further courses?

Yes. Once you’ve passed your test, you may want to have some extra training to sharpen your skills or practice new areas of driving with Graham. Pass Plus - a training course designed to improve your skills in specific areas, such as town, night and bad weather conditions. Motorway driving is an essential part of Pass Plus. Pass Plus can also help to lower your insurance premium (30% + in most cases) once awarded.